Interview series about Between Illness And Migration

Following your questions, we have decided to start an interview series about the album “Between Illness And Migration”. The initial spark, the creation, the recording, the sharing… You’ll be able to find everything about the album in that series! The best part? We will also answer YOUR questions! So make sure to send us your questions below, on Facebook or on Twitter!

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I Just Want You To Know on Martyr Mag

The song “I Just Want You To Know”, first single off “Between Illness And Migration” in Canada, has been reviewed by Martyr Magazine

“Needless to say it makes for an extremely visually appealing and interesting video, but such powerful visuals are important for such a powerful song.”

Read the full review here

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Between Illness And Migration

This is the official band picture that appears in the middle of the booklet of the Canadian version of “Between Illness And Migration”!

It is such a privilege for us to be able to share this album with you all! The album is available on the YFE Store, for you all, wherever you are around the world! And if you live in Canada, you can also find it in music stores near you!

Shop the YFE Store now!

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Between Illness And Migration now available in Canada

Finally, finally! Today is such a GREAT day! Our album “Between Illness And Migration” is now available in stores in Canada! Words just can’t express how excited we are to be able to share this album with you all, Canadian fellows! 🙂 So head out to a music store near you, and get the album! Make sure you send us pictures of you with it, too! 🙂

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1 day left before Between Illness And Migration is available in Canada!

Only 1 day left before our album “Between Illness And Migration” hits the stores in Canada! We are really excited at the idea of you finally having your own copy of the album in your hands!

For those of you who might prefer digital, the album is already available for pre-order on iTunes, so wait no longer, and get it there! You even get a bonus song and video!

Pre-order on iTunes Canada now

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1 week left until Between Illness And Migration is released in Canada!

Only 1 week left before the release of the album “Between Illness And Migration” in Canada! We’re really, really, and I mean REALLY excited! To think you will finally be able to put your hands on it is such an incredible feeling for us! Here is the cover of the album, the one you need to look out for on your next trip to the music store…! It’s unique, and specifically chosen for you in Canada…! Until then, the album is available for pre-order on iTunes Canada (and you get an exclusive song and video!)

Pre-order now on iTunes

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Between Illness And Migration: Pre-Sale on iTunes Canada

We are honored and excited to tell you that our album “Between Illness And Migration” is now available for pre-order on iTunes Canada. This version of the album is exclusive to Canada, has a unique artwork, and also includes the bonus video “From A Moment to a Journey”, that follows the process of the creation and where the band members explain what this album means to them.

Pre-order now on iTunes Canada

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Entre Marées Et Autres Ressacs Released!

Incredible news! People of France, pay close attention! 🙂

The band’s very first EP to be released in France, “Entre Marées Et Autres Ressacs”, is now available on iTunes! It’s a true honor and privilege for us to present this to you, to be able to share this unique journey with you in France, a place we fell in love with for its people, when we first played there in 2007…! Get ready to hear the band on radio and see them in magazines… Your Favorite Enemies is now in France to stay! There is also some exclusive merch on the YFE Store. Something you definitely want to put your hands on!

– Stephanie

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