Video for I Just Want You To Know released tomorrow!

Tomorrow is a grand day! First of all, because the song “I Just Want You To Know” will debut as a single in the UK, but also because we will be releasing the new video clip for the song! This video has been shot in several locations across the globe, and to the image of Your Favorite Enemies, it is a video that will not leave you indifferent! Here’s a preview picture for you!

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A View From Within, The Lyrics

You might have noticed that there is a part of the song “A View From Within” that is sung in Japanese. In this new blog, we let you know what the original lyrics, written in English by Alex, mean, and what was their use in the song. Discover a new perspective to the song!

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Between Illness And Migration: Thank you!

The first Japan show of Your Favorite Enemies’ “More Than Noise & Make-Believes” tour is in a few days only. For the band members, it will be just like a family reunion, for they will meet with fans, friends, brothers and sisters another time, or for the first time.

The Japanese version of “Between Illness And Migration” has been the first one to be released. We are allowing you today to discover a very special section of the booklet, the thank yous.

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Between Illness And Migration Through Colors

We often say that an image is worth a thousand words. As Stephanie was in studio with the band, recording every little bit of inspiration in a journal, she noticed one thing that came back very often in the conversations the band members were having: The beginning of the album needed to have this very special tint of winter blue color.

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Satsuki Yami Explained

Opening track of the album “Between Illness And Migration” as well as the opening of many of Your Favorite Enemies’ recent gigs, Satsuki Yami is a song that, despite being completely instrumental, has a personality that is solidly rooted in itself.

Alex has described the song, its inspiration, what gave birth to it, and has referred to it as a rebirth of its own.

Know more about the song Satsuki Yami

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YFE’s Songs – Album VS Live

For everyone of you who already attended a YFE concert, you know that the songs performed live are different from their original album versions. Discover why it happens, how the changes take place, and how they’re inspired in this interview with the band members!

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