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Winter Blue

Throughout all the album process, I have had the privilege of being in studio with the band members. And the way they associated colors with the album has been something that really impressed me, this ability of giving life to ideas not only through words and music but also through images. And one image that they often talked about was one to describe to beginning of the album. This image, simple yet complex, was “Winter Blue”.

The sky is always bluer in winter. Maybe because it’s contrasting so much against the white of the snow, or maybe because the sky becomes a reflection of our own attempt to see something in it that will give us a certain form of warmth. It’s a blue that is cold. The blue that you can only find in the cold lights of morning, that moment when the first lights of morning shine, way before the sun reaches its zenith. That same distant, glacial and solitary blue, however, also bears the most exquisite sunsets of golden yellow, fiery crimson and blazing magenta hues, just as if the day, before dying, wanted us to understand that even from the coldest mornings bloomed a place warm enough to be called home, defined by whatever colors we want to give it.

And this is what Between Illness And Migration is all about. A journey against all odds born from a little ray of faith shining through a winter blue colored new dawn and that is still revealing its most magnificent colors in a heaven-sent flamboyant array.

– Stephanie

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Between Illness And Migration

Between Illness And Migration is Your Favorite Enemies debut album in Japan.

The album has been released on March 20th.

The album consists of 13 songs of soulful poetry, noisy rock, post punk, new prog and high level shoegaze. It includes the singles ”A View From Within”, ”I Just Want You To Know”, ”1-2-3 (One Step Away)” and ”Where Did We Lose Each Other”. It also features unique artwork as well as a bonus track, exclusive to the Japanese edition.

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