Between Illness And Migration, a vision

Every album has its own soul, its own spirit, and I can say without a doubt that “Between Illness And Migration” is no exception to this. As they were recording the album, the band members had several discussions about what they wanted to infuse the album with, what the album was to them… Here are some of them, explained.

This album is one that will cost us everything we didn’t even know we had.
This album is a war. Not against each other. But us together, against the songs.
This album is a death of every moment. But if it is true, we will be reborn.

All the illusions, all the comfort zones, all what we thought we were… It’s when we crafted this album that we realized we had a lot more living inside of us. Dark sides, and bright ones. We needed to embrace them before we saw them all leave us. They left us as we crafted the songs, one after the other, spitting our guts out, crying our soul out. We discovered who we were, for ourselves, and we also discovered the others. We had to be true to ourselves, and true to one another, in order for the music to be true. We knew there was no other way for us. We had to give it our all. We had to die. And be reborn again. Every day, we had to die to ourselves, take this leap of faith, and believe that whatever happened, we would be reborn, every single time we died. And as much as some day hurts, it’s a leap of faith we did every day with a great joy. And this is what makes the album so true. It really represents every step of our journey between illness and migration… a journey that is still ongoing.

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