“Underneath a Blooming Skylight”

Channeling Andy Warhol’s eclectic and dazzling avant-garde movies, as well as New York City’s excessively euphorical essence and self-destructive imaginary subculture, the video is also a heartfelt homage to the 1960’s psychedelic spirit incarnated by the youthful and broken underground muse Edie Sedgwick. Single for our new project “A Journey Beyond Ourselves”, the video sharply pictures the song’s emotional state of confusion and its alienating affective entanglement.

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New vinyl available on the YFE Store

As promised on Record Store Day, the members of Your Favorite Enemies have decided to offer you all “A Journey Beyond Ourselves”, the last chapter of a journey that transformed them as individuals and as a collective.

Entirely handmade here at the YFE HQ, from the vinyl to the silk-screened canvas, the printing, the box, the slipmat, the t-shirt, we’re truly proud of what has been accomplished through real passion and the strong desire to share with you. The project is offered in 4 different formats; an ultimate deluxe collector book set, a deluxe collector boxset, a storybook, and a gatefold double LP vinyl. All come in limited edition, signed, and numbered.

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“Anyone” – Artwork Video

When you wish for your voice to find an echo, somewhere, somehow, with anyone… “Hello, is there anyone?”

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“A View From Within” – The Riff

Sef invites you in his universe of sounds & noises, of pedals, amps and guitars, and lets you discover the recording of the riff used in the song “A View From Within”.

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