Between Illness And Migration: Already a year ago!

At the very same date last year, Your Favorite Enemies were flying to New York City, where their album would get mixed by John Agnello! The whole recording process was like nothing they had ever done before, as they pushed the limits and boundaries of what they thought was “possible”. A journey to the end of their very own night… a pilgrimage of a big city vertigo looking for the ocean’s peaceful rebirth, a twisted sonic, uplifting spiritual journey of its own…

It is unreal to think it’s already a year ago that everything happened… It seems so close to each and every one of us… This album has become a part of our story together, as we’ve shared its songs together, as we’ve shared its emotions, as we’ve welcomed it in our discussions…

Thank you for being a part of this journey, much more than you would ever know it!

– Stephanie

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