I Just Want You To Know… A Powerful Image

Music is powerful in that way that it evokes souvenirs and memories, times spent and moments shared every time you listen to a song. And when I think of “I Just Want You To Know”, I can’t help but think of this poster we used to image what the song was all about as the band was writing it and giving it life, playing it all together in what we call the upper room, the middle of the church, looking for the subtleties that would make the song what it is today. This poster is a gift we have received from a friend.

Alex never fully explained what he meant when he showed us the poster and said “THIS is what I Just Want You To Know” is all about. I guess we all have a different explanation for it, too. This image, as much as this song, means something different for us, that will grow and evolve as we will.

“The old things have passed away. All things have become new”

Somehow, I guess this is what it’s all about. A blind faith in being born again. No matter what circumstances surround you…

– Stephanie

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