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“Satsuki Yami” – The Mixing Process

What if you could deconstruct a song, piece it out and isolate each and every one of its layers? Would the meaning be different? Would you recognize the song? Would you notice subtleties you had never heard before? Ben invites you into the mixing process of the song “Satsuki Yami (My Heartbeat)”.

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Satsuki Yami – About The Song

Inspired by the band’s visit to the Minamisanriku Saigai Center, “Satsuki Yami” offers a sonic landscape filled with deep emotions of faith through hopelessness, of peace through confusion, of solace through despair. A state of heart and soul unravelling images that go beyond the sounds and atmospheres of the song itself. Its art-noise constitution and avant-garde musical exploration is a reflective murmur about the nature of every season of life, a reminiscent contemplation of the evolutive essence of what we believe in and the evolving communion of heart and soul when it is time to let go of our darkened twilight and migrate into a new realm of morning lights. It’s open hands on a brand new dawn… a rebirth of its own.

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