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‘Youthful Dreams of an Old Empire’ is the  debut EP from Montreal based sextet Your Favorite Enemies. The EP processes enough clues to their blend of alternative, shoegazer, and brooding noise rock.  The band are vocalist Alex Foster, Jeff Beaulieu (guitar), Sef (guitar), Ben Lemelin (bass), Miss Isabel (vocals and keyboard) and Charles “Moose” Allicy (drums).They are fierce human rights advocates who remain dedicated to their old school DIY ethos on which they established the foundations of the band. This includes starting their own label Hopeful Tragedy Records and turning an artsy Catholic Church into their own recording studio where they record all of their own material, including this soon to be realised single, ‘Youthful Dreams of an Old Empire.’

It‘s not as arbitrary, the band have stoked this debut release, their really is not much to separate out a lead track, instead, track 1, ‘A View From Within’ 4:20 seconds of ‘in the shade’ wanderings, all of which is still user friendly with an under current of heavier tones which drive the sound into deeper waters, can imagine this song as a live favourite, a sure footed opening, well received, that showcases an attractive hybrid sound well realised. The ante, if there is one, is racked up for ‘Empire of Sorrows’, Alex Foster sings a “In the darkness of my own”  a refrain that resonates, reminding all that love is a many splendored thing, another adeptly crafted song. ‘Satsuki Yami’ brings the single to a close, a brooding mainly guitar piece, like a tag in urban art, it works as a parting signature. 

Your Favorite Enemies combine mood enhancing guitar layers, over effective potent lead riffs, that add to the “introspective” vocals, the over all effect is very agreeable in the main, the debut single  signals a band that promises much, although I wish no more pain on Your Favorite Enemies, it might make for compelling songs, but at a heavy price, as psychotherapy costs so much these days! A strong debut. 7.9/10

Steve James
‘A View From Within’ (Audio Only)

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