I Just Want You To Know – Official Video

“I Just Want You To Know” is Your Favorite Enemies’ uplifting and empowering 2nd single from their awaited UK debut album, “Between Illness And Migration”, set to be released on February 26th 2014 on Hopeful Tragedy Records.

“One of the top 5 new songs melting our ears” according to Kerrang! Magazine, the video for “I Just Want You To Know” has been self-produced, accordingly to the band’s devoted “Do It Yourself” ethos, during Your Favorite Enemies’ Australian and Japanese segments of their extended “More Than Noise And Make-Believes” 2013 tour.

The video features the professional skateboarders Naohiro Abe, Ryo Sejiri & Hirotoshi Kawabuchi and the international fire artist Adam Lobbestael and the renowned avant-garde Japanese “FireBandits” troop members.

“It might be about the freedom that comes from the personal decision to let go of everything we kept on holding on… about the emotional implication of blending in if not affectively belonging… about the inner wounds of rejection as much as the invisible scars of indifference. It’s about the noisy sounds storming in our heads and the raging silence that comes with it. It’s about breaking the cycle of our deceiving self-preservation bounds and about the hopeful upraise of light that overcomes the illusionary make-believes shadowing our faith in better tomorrows. It’s about freedom and shortcoming promises. And ultimately about the resoluteness of “being”, regardless of our shameful losses and regretful disbeliefs… about taking a chance, another one…” – Alex Foster, when asked about the meaning and the context in which he wrote the song.

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