Where Did We Lose Each Other – Official Video

This is Your Favorite Enemies in great form, as the band offers their unique blend of abrasive guitar tones, killer bass groove, chaotic drum beats and direct blast of a yet confessional, yet ironic, yet poetic vocal delivery by Foster. “Where Did We Lose Each Other” is a perfect glimpse of Your Favorite Enemies’ twisted songwriting mastery, because as you think you had the song’s wayward soul all figured out, the musical affirmative driven drones of guitars turn into a melancholic shoegaze and equivocated noise scenery, as Foster offers a sincere inner turmoil of vulnerable poetry that slowly evolves into a raw scream of letting go, offering enough of a bustling gasp for the band to emerge in a high pressure wave type of sonic hectic shift. Some can pretend, but no one can fake it. There’s no musical modesty in “Where Did We Lose Each Other”. It’s Nick Cave’s lyrical hopeful sorrows, sung by a fierce Iggy Pop-like no surrender drive.

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