What is “Between Illness And Migration” to you?

Last week, I sent a email to the 6 members of the band, in which I asked them what was Between Illness And Migration to them. Nothing very hard, you will say, as this album is a journey that we’ve lived to the fullest, and still continue to live at this very moment. But here’s the tricky part: it had to be 110 characters long, so I could tweet it along with a picture of them. By doing this, I wanted to capture the very essence of what the album was for them, no sparks, no additional words. As bare and as raw as it came to them. After struggling a bit, they managed to all send me their short but powerful answer… with that one exception that confirms the rule!

What has this album become for you? Please let us know in the comments below!

– Stephanie

This album is an ode to faith in the invisible! It’s about challenging your deepest hope for the unexpected to be revealed! 
– Jeff

I started the album afraid to lose myself. So glad I did! Losing my little ME, I found freedom, I found US!
– Miss Isabel

Fears and doubts keep you in a box… Faith by letting go makes you walk into something eternal…
– Sef

When we started writing the record, we were 6 individuals trying to survive in all sorts of discordant make-believes and different kind of dissonant realities. But through the whole process, we found ourselves being so completely stripped down of everything we thought was personally ours to hold on to that it’s only when we entirely let go of our deepest illusions and all of their shadows that we found the courage to die to our self-preservating sorrows and self-alienating despairs… and the colors of a brand new dawn arose, leading us to believe once again in the collective light we had denied for so long. Only then, when we decided to die to ourselves, did we find our way back to each other. The record unveiled its unique nature thereafter, only for us to embrace its journey and to discover its true essence…    
– Alex

It’s a journey of honesty like we’ve never experienced before, beyond our own nature and doubts. A true rebirth.
– Ben

Between Illness And Migration is the truth that comes with assuming who I am, who we are together. It’s an ongoing walk.
– Moose

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